Hugo Lloris says Tottenham are ‚missing something‘ to win league

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Hugo Lloris States Tottenham are“missing something“ to Battle Manchester City and Liverpool in the top of the Premier League.

Lloris states his side must revolve around improving their consistency instead of be worried about the two although tottenham are.
The France goalkeeper said:“Liverpool and Man City have the experience and they are quite competitive.
„I presume, at the moment, there is something missing from us. Because matters turn very quickly in soccer, we will see later in this summer.
„The most important thing is we concentrate on ourselves, to get things, to get wake from the league. Where we are in March, in the table in April, and we’ll see.
„That really will be the moment when you can win or lose European places or trophies. At the moment, we don’t wish to get rid of attention with that kind of question“
Spurs drew at the north London derby on Sunday with Arsenal after suffering a jolt home 1-0 defeat against Newcastle and Lloris has encouraged his staff.
„Unfortunately we did not have the beginning we expected, even though we got great results against City and Arsenal away from home, we should’ve done better against Newcastle,“ he said.
„All of us know the value of home games and once I talk about consistency, we’ve got to capable of winning that kind of game. There is now already a gap between both [Manchester City and Liverpool] and we all .“

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